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Naked Blend Slimming Milk Tea FAQ

How would you recommend me to consume this milk tea? How many a day and when to drink?

Consume one sachet in the morning before your breakfast and another sachet before lunch, for maximum result. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you may consume 2-3 times a week to maintain. If you have gastric or sensitive stomach, you may consume it WITH your breakfast and/or lunch so that you don’t drink on empty stomach :)


Should I drink it before, with or after a meal? And why?

You should drink it before your meals to block sugar, carbs absorption and fat accumulation, especially before a very oily/sugary or full of carbs meal.


Will the effect be less if I drink it WITH the meal, instead of BEFORE the meal?

The carb blocking effect will work when you drink it before or with their meals. If they drink it after their meals, there won't be carb blocking effect.


Is this product safe?

Yes, we are 100% safe and SGS certified in accordance to HSA Singapore's health supplements regulatory guideline. Naked Blend Slimming Milk Tea is made with natural ingredients and safe formula. Our product research, development and manufacturing is fully done in Singapore.

How long does it take to see result?

We recommend that you consume daily for 1-2 months to kickstart your wellness plan and complement with healthy lifestyle habits. After a period of consistent calorie deficit (healthily of course), you will definitely see progress. It would depend on individual as everyone's body absorption rate is different. Also, there are other factors such as genes, lifestyle habits, diet and sleep to consider. Remember to use Naked Blend as a supplement and not rely completely on it and neglect our diet and calorie intake.

By burning calories with exercise AND cutting calories through diet, you will see progress faster.


I finished one box, but there is no weight loss.  

This milk tea works as a natural booster to help kickstart your journey for weight loss. We also have to remember to play our part by keep track of what we put into our mouth. How soon the results come also depends on how well we sustain our calorie deficit in a healthy manner. This goes back to asking me how long will it take to see results ^ mentioned above.


Why do I feel quite bloated after drinking this milk tea?

Our slimming milk tea contains pea powder, coconut and soy in our formula to keep people feeling full. Certain people who are more reactive to vegan protein or already consuming a good amount of vegan protein might feel very full which causes that "bloat". You may reduce to 1/2 sachet to 3/4 and slowly work your way up to get used to our milk tea.


I feel like puking but didn’t puke after drinking. Why is this so?

Sometimes when you eat too full, you may get bloated until it feels very uncomfortable. Eat slower and smaller amounts during your meal and give your stomach time to digest so that you know when to stop around 80% fullness.

Also, this puking feeling might be from Tannin (which is found in tea and we have 3 different kinds of tea in our milk tea - pu'er, green tea + black tea). Especially on an empty stomach, it can lead you to feel nauseated.

Is this suitable for people with gastric?

Due to the high tea blend concentrate (pu'er + green tea + black tea), please avoid consuming on an empty stomach. On top of that, you can also slowly adjust from 3/4 to 1/2 and eventually 1 full packet as you consume along the way according to your body's sensitivity.


Can I consume this milk tea long term?

Of course, if you are taking it 2-3 times a week, it can be consumed longer term for results. If you are drinking daily, we advise you to stop after 3 months and take a break for a month for maximum results. This is because our body will naturally build up a tolerance just like how it does for tea or caffeine (it’s also why some people find that overtime one cup of coffee not enough kick for them) so just take a break and reset!


I am trying to conceive. Can I drink this milk tea?

Of course! However, once your pregnancy is confirmed, we highly recommend NOT taking this as it is not advisable to suppress your appetite during this important stage.


Can I take this milk tea in the morning and take another brand of slimming product in the a!ernoon?

This is up to your individual preference, however I would recommend sticking to one at a time. Our milk tea's main function is to boost metabolism and curb appetite which is sufficient to embark on your weight loss journey. Everything has to be in moderation and our body will also thank us for being consistent. I will recommend you check with your doctor for advice.

We do not advise you to mix any other slimming pills during your naked blend journey as you may not know which product actually work or does not work for you. Also if there is any reactions after consuming; it may be difficult to pinpoint out which product is it from.

If it is NB milk tea in the morning and a reputable detox drink (e.g Naked Blend Peach Detox Glow or Susenji MOFA+) at night, it’s okay.


Is this really safe for diabetic people? It is quite sweet.

Yes, our milk tea contains Stevia which is a zero calorie sweetener and does not contain carohydrates. It is 200 time sweeter than sugar in the same concentration. If you find it too sweet, you can also adjust by increasing the water level when preparing your milk tea. There is no issues to consume but remember in moderation such as one packet a day. Do consult your doctor if you're on long term medication ya.


Instead of breakfast and lunch, can I drink this for lunch and dinner instead? Why?

We recommend morning time to kickstart your metabolism for the day. Also, it helps to absorb the oil, carbs and sugar for your meals. As a guideline, having a lighter dinner is also appropriate when it comes to weight loss. On top of that, our milk tea contains 3 different tea blend concentrate, you might not be able to sleep due to the high caffeine content.



Is this a detox drink? Why do I experience increased toilet visits?
It is not a detox drink, our milk tea's main function is to boost metabolism and curb appetite. However, as our milk tea contains turmeric and caffeine, it could be the reason why you are going to the toilet more.


Tumeric is known to boost gut health and improve digestion. So when you drink our tea, it results in faster bowel movements which also means less constipation. As for caffeine, it helps to stimulate movement of the colonic muscles which can increase bowel movements as well.

Embark on your Naked Blend journey with us today!